First of its kind molecular probe to identify and detect exosomes

ELAEXIA® - Elective Labelling of Exosomes for Identification and Analysis

  • Designed for detection of exosomes by flow cytometry and stringently developed to generate a specific, clear signal without false-positive background
  • Precise and specific binding to exosome bilayer membrane
  • Excludes lipoproteins
  • Novel technology, independent of highly variable protein markers which identify exosome subpopulations
  • Direct labelling of exosomes in cell culture supernatant and plasma
  • Compatible with antibody co-staining and multiparametric analysis
  • Fast and Easy-to-use labelling protocol

ELAEXIA® FITC can be used for the following applications:

  • Exosome labelling in cell culture supernatant and plasma for multiparametric flow cytometry analysis
  • Labelling of exosomes for immunofluorescence microscopy and nano imager analysis
  • ELAEXIA® labelling for specific isolation by Fluorescence Activated CellSorting (FACS) of exosomes for further protein analysis such as Westernblot and mass spectrometry (MS)
  • ELAEXIA® labelling to monitor and control exosome purification and manufacturing
  • Labelling of exosomes for Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)  

Supportive Data


Left panel: Exosome detected in th cell culture supernatant of breast cancer cells SKBR-3 with ELAEXIA®-FITC by mans if flow cytometry. In the right upper quadrant double positive exosomes are shown whic are ELEAXIA and CD9 positive.

Right panel: Negative control – Treatment with 1% Triton solubilizes the exosomes
-> no vesicles can be detected


Nanoparticle TrackingAalysis (NTA) of exosomes from plasma sorted by flow cytometry and ELAEXIA®-FITC. ELAEXIA© exosomes have the size of 30 to 200 nm.

ELAEXIA® is a registered trademark of therawis diagnostics GmbH

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